Important message to our friends in Japan
Please don't buy the COMMODO DEPOT pressings of our CDs!

COMMODO DEPOT entered into an agreement with Hard Bop Records to manufacture three albums in Japan - two titles by the Osian Roberts/Steve Fishwick Quintet: "TOO MUCH!" (HBR33001) and ON THE UP AND UP (HBR33003); as well as the Steve Fishwick Quartet's UP FRONT! (HBR33002). The company failed to pay the licence fee for HBR33002, and currently owes us thousands of pounds. Due to this serious breach of contract, we consider all three albums illegal copies, being sold without our consent. They are easy to recognise because the Commodo Depot name and logo appear on the album sleeves. If you have any information about the Commodo Depot company that might help us please contact Thank you!

If you are interested in purchasing our albums, please order directly from this site,  from, or  in Japan,