Featuring Steve Fishwick- Trumpet, Osian Roberts- Tenor Saxophone, Frank Basile- Baritone Saxophone, Jeb Patton- Piano, Mike Karn- Bass, Matt Fishwick- Drums.


Track Listing:


1. Jymie (S. Fishwick)
2. My Blue Heaven (Whiting, Donaldson)
3. Enid (O. Roberts)
4. Warne's World (S. Fishwick) 
5. How Deep Is The Ocean  (I. Berlin) 
6. Lullaby For Eira (O. Roberts)
7. Dial "J" For Jackie (O. Roberts) 
8. Morse Code (F. Basile)

In The Empire State CD

  • “In The Empire State (Hard Bop 33010) *****5 Stars The Fishwick twins have been earning themselves a well deserved reputation for several years now and I gave their previous disc When Night Falls a five star review last year (JJ0414).  The current disc is even better and was recorded in New York after Steve had played engagements at various clubs in the Big Apple including Smalls and Smoke. All eight tunes were either written or arranged by various members of the band.  Steve himself contributed the opening Jymie, a demanding, fast hard bop opus, and Warne's World dedicated to the late Warne Marsh.  Frank Basile on Baritone takes the commanding opening solo on the bouncing My Blue Heaven which also features fine work from pianist Jeb Patton.  Basile also impresses on his own original Morse Code.  Tenorist Osian Roberts contributed three of the titles including Enid, in waltz time and featuring him and Steve in very impressive style, as does How Deep Is The Ocean.  Lullaby For Eira, a thoughtful ballad, was penned by Roberts as a dedication to his daughter.   Throughout the proceedings Steve Fishwick proves himself to be a world-class player but all the front-line participants take first-rate solos at various points in the programme.  The rhythm team are far more than just support, enhancing the overall performance in no small measure.  Wonderful, feel good, uplifting jazz, not to be missed.” - Brian Robinson— Jazz Journal


    “The CDs drop through the letterbox daily.  Sometimes my eyes light up with delight but, more often than not, I groan and think, wtf will I make of this?! I'm pleased to say that this album is very much in the former category.  In fact it epitomises what this site was primarily aimed at:  bebop in the new millennium.  recorded in New York last year after the Fishwick brothers and Roberts, along with New Yorkers Basile, Patton and Karn played several gigs in the Big Apple as part of Dave Douglas' Festival of New Trumpet. What a richly deserved accolade for Steve who isn't always given his due as one of the UK's finest trumpet players. Steve can blow, as can long time front line partner Roberts.  Both the Fishwick's and Roberts are able to hold their own in fast company and the company here is very fast indeed!  Basile, an on-call 24 hour Baritone man, displays why he is in such demand and it is to the Brit's credit that they stand tall- shades of tubby's transatlantic forays.  If the album had been released under Basile's name I'd have assumed it was an all American line-up. Steve provided two of the originals as well as arranging How Deep Is The Ocean.  Osian chipped in with three compositions and Basile had two as well as an arrangement of My Blue Heaven that suggested that 'just honey and me, and baby makes three' now had a hip grandkid! Lullaby For Eira and Enid are dedicated to Roberts' daughters - they must be lovely to inspire such beauty.   I first heard Steve and Osian at one of the Scarborough festivals.  Steve and Matt also played an early gig at Hoochie. This is the real deal.  Good enough for Dave Douglas - good enough for me!” - Lance— Bebop Spoken Here